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Marquios, Personal Shopping & Photo Shoot

I am someone who suffered from low self esteem and bullying when I was younger so I never stepped out of the box with fashion and I always played it safe. In 2018 I put on a vision board that I wanted to upgrade my wardrobe. I must say at first, I was a little hesitant to work with a personal stylist/shopper because I thought I dressed myself “ok” and after all I was afraid of standing out AND I would be admitting to some shortcomings on my fashion and style (London B called me plain Jane😂.) BUT HERE WE ARE 2020 and what a difference London B’s services has made in my wardrobe and not to mention my overall confidence. She is very friendly and professional her services have made me feel more confident about my overall appearance. I felt very comfortable shopping with her.  She is very good about choosing the right clothes (pieces)  and taught me what works and what doesn't. You can tell when she gets a look in her mind that she has a passion for fashion as well as helping her clients and friends find the right look. Not only have I found a stylist/personal stylist I’ve found a life long friend and I highly recommend her services to anyone. Plus she’s a baddie 😍


Tarencia, Photo Shoot

London is so professional! Her styling is amazing 😉! She will bring you out of your simple,boring comfort zone and you will love it!!!!


Lateasha,Personal Shopping 

London has been so good to me since I moved to Atlanta. I love how personable she is and that she is all about body positivity. London is knowledgeable, professional, affordable and got straight to business our first encounter by showing me some of her styling she’s done for clients in magazines. She has taught me to feel comfortable in my own skin and work with what I got. She has assured me that you are beautiful no matter what state your body is in life, love yourself and not be afraid to flaunt it! London comes from humble beginnings and I am blessed to be apart of her testimony. Before meeting her my style was just “safe” and “matchy” but she has turned me into a Instant Baddie!  Her work speaks for itself! 

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